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Curtains Blinds Wallpaper Wallpaper
Curtains Blinds Wallpaper Wallpaper


Apply fix wallpaper or paint: Another option for your wall
Apply paint or put wallpaper Which way is better? More economical? This may be a question about which many people are still skeptic. A lot of people may understand that putting wallpaper involves high cost, is not durable, easily monotonous. Today, we have the answer to be left with you.
Color, pattern and surface | Wallpaper or Paint
•  Wallpaper is available in a variety of colors and patterns to choose. It is the dimension that is more realistic unlike painting with limited patterns.
Prices and wages in operating | Wallpaper or Paint
•  Currently, wallpaper for putting on the walls has several levels of prices, depending on the sources of production, materials used in production and durability. If compared with painting, the price is practically equal or perhaps cheaper. As for the wage, the use of wallpaper can determine the area, thus it does not cost more money in the end. But for applying paint, the labor cost will be expensive in case of the need for a skilled workman, patterned work.
Durability and speed | Wallpaper or Paint
•  Wallpaper has lifespan from 5 - 10 years. With maintenance and cleaning, the useful life of wallpaper will increase. Applying paint over time may cause disintegration or fading of color. As for speed, wallpaper can be fixed certainly in a fast and time-saving manner, without being dirty, strongly smelly. It is possible to move in for living immediately. Applying paint needs to put primer before applying color and maintain the color to prevent fading after priming is completed. There is smell of the chemicals with the consequent need to leave for several days before being able to move in for living.
To conceal the marks of wall crack, fracture, germ stains | Wallpaper and Paint
•  In addition to providing beauty, luxury, wallpaper can also cover fractures, cracks, jagged traces, various stains more easily. Applying paint needs many layers of priming for surface reconditioning.
Cleaning | Wallpaper and Paint
•  In case of painting, cleaning depends on the type of paint and is expensive. As for wallpaper, it is sufficient to use just a cloth moistened with water in a not quite dry manner to wipe. This way can prolong its lifespan.
Currently wallpaper has different special features to choose with a variety and suitability for the purpose, depending more on the choice for use. Now if anyone is deciding to decorate the home or condo by applying paint or putting wallpaper, it may be necessary to consider carefully as to the method of the product selection for use to be appropriate. This choice is dependent on preference and taste of each individual.

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