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Curtains Blinds Wallpaper Wallpaper
Curtains Blinds Wallpaper Wallpaper


Why is putting double layer curtain a must?
Aside from providing privacy, the curtain also helps make the style of each room look more outstanding, too. Each room needs to use different curtains, depending mainly on the applications. For example, some rooms need privacy from the outside, but still need light during the day at the same time for the feeling of serenity; while such rooms need privacy at nighttime with no need for light to disturb while sleeping. Therefore, the choice for this type of room is putting double layer curtain. 

Sheer curtain is the most forward layer curtain adjacent to the window. It can help filter external light at a certain level. It gives the carefree as well as comfortable feeling and does not obscure visibility from the outside, too.

Opaque curtain will be hung over in front of the sheer curtain. Opaque curtain will help prevent the sunlight from entering the room, making the room look darker with more privacy.

The decision whether to choose to put double layer curtain or not depends mainly on the budget that we have and objectives of use. This is because putting double layer curtain involves more spending. The price is usually twice that of a single layer curtain. Or, it may be more expensive than that, depending on the materials of cloth selected for use as well.
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